30 January, 2010

Women prefer boozy sex

MILLIONS of women drink alcohol before having sex because they lack confidence in their bodies, a study has found.

Almost half those questioned said they preferred sex while under the influence of alcohol because it helped them lose their inhibitions and to be more adventurous in bed.

Researchers, who surveyed 3000 women aged between 18 and 50, found the average woman has slept with eight men, but was drunk with at least five of them.

On two occasions they couldn't even remember the man's name the next day.

An astonishing 48.5 per cent said they preferred sex while under the influence and some 6 per cent of women had never had sex while sober.

Kathryn Lakeland, of women's hygiene products firm Femfresh, which carried out the study, said the results showed how women were severely lacking in confidence.

"The fact that alcohol plays an integral role in their love lives shows women are looking for a boost in self-esteem when it comes to their bedroom antics," she said.

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