29 January, 2010

A Fantasy

In a dark, dim lit hotel room, I lay in bed dozing. I'm in a bra and panties and drifting in and out of sleep- the silken kiss of satin sheets cradles my frame. He sits by the window of our suite overlooking the city night, glass of wine in hand. The lights of The City dance before him, a wicked smile on his face. We await our guest.
In front of the bed is a small platform to which a pole has been affixed from ceiling to floor. There is a knock at the door, and in saunters a petite asian girl in a little schoolgirl outfit, the door slowly closing behind her. Her long black hair perfectly frames her gorgeous face and full, pouty lips. Her delicate, tight frame is accentuated by a delicious ass that coyly peeks from under her micro skirt. As she eases by the bed, her eyes meeting mine, she stops and slowly runs her fingers up my leg. Slowly she continues over my covered pussy to my breast, which she begins to slowly caress until the nipple swells to hardness. I can feel my pussy begin to moisten between my legs as she leans in to bite my swollen left nipple. Slowly she rubs my breasts while firmly nibbling on my nipple. My pussy is dripping. My pulse is racing. But what is the main course without the appetizer? I pull back her head and gesture towards the pole. She smiles. In a mischievous voice, I tell her to "Get on the damn pole and dance for me". She obliges, strolling to the pole, her sexy ass peeking from under that skirt. Slowly she seduces the pole with her dance, teasing me. Gently she peels her off her blouse, revealing firm perky breasts, then removes her skirt and is left in nothing but a thong and heels. I'm rubbing and playing with my pussy as I watch her work the pole. I slide a finger inside my hot pussy- my eyes never leaving her.

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