30 January, 2010

Women Sense a Man's Attraction By His Sweat

A woman can tell if you are attracted to them by the smell of your sweat, according to a new study. A man's sweat smells differently depending on what mood he is in and women can sense these changes.

In the study conducted at Rice University in Texas, two types of sweat was collected from a group of men: one was called 'normal' and the other was called 'sexual.' The normal sweat was gathered while the guys watched an educational video while the sexual sweat was gathered while watching erotic videos.

19 lucky women were then asked to smell the two types sweat while being monitored for brain activity. The women's brains not only recognized the different scents, but also responded to them. The sexual sweat lit up a different part of the women's brains.

The Rice researchers next plan to see how these scents actually impact the behavior of men and women towards each other. [source]

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