05 October, 2009


I collapse back onto the bed, his hands are grazing all over my hot body, undressing me totally, my nipples perk up, I'm getting wet... he is not like my clients. He is a professional. Hmmm, I like it. Whatever he has in store for me, I am excited to find out.

He holds my naked body down on the bed, forces my wrists above my head. "Go ahead" I think, I like to be all exposed and powerless in the expert hands of such a man.
He binds my wrists with a soft rope to the two bedposts, not hard, but securely, no way I can get them free. I do not object - smile at him and arch my body in expectation.

He softly strokes my breasts and belly, then he looks at me seriously, a weird look, soft but viciously playful:

"I did not tell you my only condition."...

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