05 October, 2009

Analingus - playing it safe

People get two kinds of reactions when it comes to analingus, or ‘rimming’. They either think it’s gross or terribly arousing. Of course, if you’re not into it, there is no need to ever perform the act. But, contrary to popular belief, there is nothing perverted or wacky about rimming.

Analingus is so pleasurable to the receiver because the anus is full of supersensitive nerve endings. When these nerves are gently stimulated and teased (whether with the tongue or the lips), it can be oh-so-arousing, resulting in powerful and even orgasmic sensations.

Rimming can and should also be exciting and enjoyable for the giver. It is first, of all, an emotional act. It’s also one of the most intimate of all sexual acts. When someone performs analingus on someone else, it’s a way of showing your partner that he/she’s totally accepted. If done with openness and enthusiasm, rimming can be an extremely intense turn-on...read more >>

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