05 October, 2009

11 Ways to Have More Spontaneous Sex

Scheduling your sex life around PTA meetings and trips to the dry cleaner is better than no sex at all.

But nothing is better than spontaneous sex.

Truth be told, busy couples in long-term relationships often need to schedule "date nights" -- setting aside blocks of time for lovemaking to ensure things don't become stale.

But there's nothing better than just doing it. No planning, no thinking ...

There is something incredibly sexy about sex that’s straight from the source. Spontaneous sex has been hailed for not only grabbing a lover’s interest, but maintaining it. It spikes a relationship’s lust factor, making lovemaking more exciting. Plus, when needed, it can get lovers out of a slump.

And it caters to our carnal nature in its "must have now, no matter how taboo" factor.

Here are some ways to invite more spontaneity into your sex life:

1. Seek the “explorer” lover.

When testing the romantic chemistry of almost 30,000 singles, love researcher Helen Fisher found the science behind successful relationships is the balance of four brain chemicals. This balance influences one’s personality type, which affects compatibility. Explorer types, ruled by dopamine, are typically novelty seekers, into risk-taking and the spontaneous.

2. Recognize that spontaneous sex is the exception to the rule.

Yes, it can happen on occasion. But plenty of people are having sex who can’t act with abandon. Among those needing to think ahead are people dealing with a sexual disorder, those carrying a sexually transmitted infection, and those who are physically challenged.

Putting too much weight on spontaneity can make for unrealistic expectations in the sack or anywhere your sex spirit moves you. Ultimately, it can impact one’s ability to recognize and enjoy gratifying sex. Don’t let spontaneity rule your sexual rewards quotient.

3. Approach intimacy as an adventure.

Think about ways you can get frisky out in public (shopping) or doing the mundane (watching TV). Then jump on the first opportunity you have to make privacy passionate. Adding new elements to your same old routine will get both of you in a mindset to tap feelings of arousal when they occur. Read on >>

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