06 November, 2008

He caught me satisfying myself

The problem

I don't always climax when I have sex with my new partner, so I've been waiting until he's nodded off, then I've brought myself to orgasm. Last night, though, I realised he was awake, watching me. He said it was disgusting that I was 'playing with myself'. I feel so ashamed, and he's furious with me.

The solution

If anyone should be ashamed, it's your bloke with his stoneage mentality. It's obvious that his love-making lacks consideration and technique. If he's leaving you unsatisfied after sex, then he's selfish. He's the one who should be feeling shamefaced.

Plenty of women stimulate themselves when their men have gone to sleep - maybe because they fancy more climaxes, often because they haven't had one at all. I think it's appalling that there are still guys who don't understand what it takes for a woman to have an orgasm, and also appear not to care much if she has one or not. Read on >>

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