06 November, 2008


A haze of sensuality still lingers around my memories of that evening..the one that began with my first taste of a woman; lending a dreamlike quality to them. In my mind, the images, sights, sounds and tastes blur together slightly, so forgive me if my recounting of the events seem a bit disjointed at times.

As the four of us climbed the steps together, I couldn’t stop my heart from pounding, so loudly that I felt sure everybody could hear it. What was about to happen? Did I want it to? More the question, could I cross that barrier in my own mind and actually allow it to happen?

I was still pondering these thoughts as we all entered the bedroom and came to a halt at the foot of the bed. It looked huge and rather..intimidating at that precise moment. It took up the whole room, it seemed. I swallowed hard as I looked first at the bed, then at Rita. She threw herself down on the bed, right in the middle of it, and then smiled at me in invitation...

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