05 November, 2008

Workshop on orgasms

The French call it “la petite mort,” or “the little death.” It starts with touch, sensual contact, leading to a quickening, sensual dance that eventually escalates into carnal bliss.

You may know it as an orgasm.

Orgasm. Saying it out loud makes me feel like I should be whispering it like a secret. But let’s face it: orgasms are the most popular “secret” in America. It’s not something we talk about officially, not at school, not at work, certainly not with family. Hell, kids are lucky these days to learn about having safe sex, let alone how to have good sex.

And yet sex is everywhere we look: shirtless, sculpted men on billboards, TV commercials with actresses pouting beside beauty products, ethereally beautiful models draped over perfume bottles in magazines, bathroom stalls covered with dirty limericks.

But the truth is, Americans have a problem with sex. Not doing it, but talking about it. We can watch guts dangling from bellies in war flicks, serial killers severing limbs in a hail of spraying blood, but the second nipples, or even worse, mons pubis, make an appearance, we hide our eyes.

Shoot ‘em up, but don’t shoot it off. Read on >>

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