05 November, 2007

Women always want sex from men

There is a surprising amount of discussion and debate about pornography that remains abstract, as if we could talk meaningfully about the products of an industry without ever acknowledging what they are. It is important, though not always pleasant, to grapple not just with the idea of the pornographic but the actual content of contemporary mass-marketed heterosexual pornography.

The pornography industry produces two major styles of films, “features” (the two most well known feature productions companies are Vivid and Wicked) and “gonzo” (produced by many companies, including Evil Angel, Anabolic, and Red Light District). Pornographic features mimic, however badly, the conventions of a Hollywood movie. There is some minimal plot, character development, and dialogue, all in the service of presenting the explicit sex. Gonzo films have no such pretensions; they are simply recorded sex, often in a private home or on some minimal set. These films often start with an interview with the woman or women about their sexual desires before the man or men enter the scene.

Whether analyzing feature or gonzo movies, a few basic themes are common to all mass-marketed heterosexual pornography:

(1) all women at all times want sex from all men;
(2) women like all the sexual acts that men perform or demand; and
(3) any woman who does not at first realize this can be easily turned with a little force. Such force is rarely necessary, however, for most of the women in pornography are the “nymphomaniacs” that men fantasize about. Read on >>

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