03 November, 2007

Filthy Turn-Offs

Nose hairs, bad breath ... porn queen fingers filthy turn-offs

Guys haven't got a hope with women if they don't present themselves well and the same principle applies when it comes to sex, porn actress cum celebrity Nana Natsume tells Spa! (10/30).

"Bed techniques and all that stuff come later. If a guy isn't well presented, he hasn't got a hope. Don't forget that women are creatures who can look around even while they're eating," the one-time porn starlet tells Spa! "First think about your fingernails. Women hate it if there's grime under fingernails. You could get sick if someone touches you with filthy fingers. And nose hairs are a turn-off, too. Bristly beards are no good, either. Let them grow a bit until they're soft, or soften them up with a wash in the shower. But the worst thing of all is bad breath. That alone is enough to ensure a guy won't get any sex. I've told some porno actors to brush their teeth before I'd agree to film a scene with them. So avoid eating garlic or drinking before sex, they're absolute no-nos. They make you stink. And I don't know why anyone would want to drink so much before sex, anyhow, because they just won't be able to get it up." Read on >>

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Loving Annie said...

Very true ! Clean hands and fingernails, nose and ear hairs trimmed, teeth brushed, no garlic, onions, tobacco or alcohol, freshly showered and shaved -- ALL of that counts !