08 November, 2007

My Blog review

Erotic Garden Sensual Erotic for Women is written by BadGirl and is a delicious collection of erotic posts about all kinds of sexy stuff.

I really liked some of the posts and...yup...the pics....including the picture that accompanies this post called The Dangers of Dating A Coworker Wow, what a great pic....and let's not forget this one that comes with the post, Naughty by Nature which links to a story about sex in public.

Most of the posts this blog are links to other articles from all over the internet.But they all have one thing in common....sex....

There are some great links here as BadGirl leads us to many fine articles about stuff we need to know like Using Your Brain to Have Hotter Sex and

It's not all articles either, there are some hot stories like this one called Stranger On A Bus and lots of Sexy Picture Posts

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