22 October, 2007

Naughty, by nature

On a swing and a prayer

“Doing it in public happens a lot more often when you don’t have your own place. My high-school sweetheart and I had to sneak out all the time to do it. The best was in the playground one day near dusk. It was late enough that the kids were all in for the night but still early enough that anyone could see from across the street or from the windows of their homes. At first, we were innocently swinging on the swing set, her on top of me, us facing each other. Then the sexual impulse arose. I suggested we find somewhere to go; she thought to do it right there. So she unzipped me and pulled her panties and shorts to the side, exposing only what was necessary so we could get busy. It worked brilliantly, and we appeared only to be a couple swinging."

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