07 November, 2007


I love the way you fuck me with your whole body. It's like you can't get deep enough inside of me. Your cock determined to find every secret place inside of me that no man has touched before, your mouth working its way all over my body, devouring me. Making me writhe and moan. I'm overwhelmed by your passion for me.

But nights like this are a special pleasure...
When we've spent enough time together and the need isn't so desperate.

I am lying naked on the bed. You've propped a pillow under my ass and spread my legs wide to give yourself full access to anything that might suit your whim.

You have lit the candles in the room.
I can smell them, the soft aroma of lilacs drifts in and out like a warm breeze.
I cannot see their warm glow because of the scarf you have tied over my eyes.
Not something you do often, too cliche for your erotic tastes, but sometimes you want
me to block out everything except the feeling of your hands on my body.

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Loving Annie said...

Too strange - I wrote my post, and then came here... It must be contagious, something in the air, the phase of the moon...