24 January, 2011

Fantasize about becoming an escort?

“Charlotte Shane” pens a blog called Nightmare Brunette about her experiences in sex work. In a stellar piece on Salon.com, “Charlotte” explains she tries her hardest not to glamorize prostitution like Hollywood. “I never intend to glamorize my profession, and I don’t list expensive gifts I receive or lavish items I buy for myself,” she wrote. “I avoid rhapsodizing about exotic vacations or name-dropping hotels. I never disclose my rates and I don’t claim every encounter ends in mind-blowing orgasms—or any orgasm at all. That type of sensationalistic hype is really only good for selling books or selling face time on TV shows, neither of which I’m interested in.” She tries to be honest about what working as an escort really is: a job.

Yet she thinks she knows what’s caused dozens of girls between the ages of 18 and 25 to write her emails expressing an interest in prostitution, apparently willfully ignoring the grittier realities that lie behind the “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” gloss: sexual insecurity and a desire to literally put a price on one’s beauty and sexual savvy as confirmation. Read more >>

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