31 January, 2011

14 Sex Mistakes Real Men Never Make

It’s tough to tell a man how to do anything right. Every woman knows this. It’s a big part of the reason that guys think they’re getting chicks off when they’re actually not.

Asking To Have Sex

Asking to have sex is like asking your mother if you can have a girl over your own apartment. When you ask, you immediately show a lack of confidence and control – two essential alpha characteristics that deep-down, all women crave.

Solution: Work up the physical escalation ladder by starting out with basic touching and kissing. She will respectfully stop you if she doesn’t want sex. In which case, freeze her out by checking your facebook. Repeat as needed.

Giving Her A Hickey

If you’re in 8th grade, feel free to move on to the next tip. For the rest of you, she’s guaranteed to feel like a cheap hooker sporting her temporary sex-tattoo the next day at the office. Only the inexperienced leave hickies.

Solution: Avoid inadvertent hickies by going mouth wide around her neck & working in your tongue. Slowly close your lips until your kissing it. The key to avoid suction is by breathing out of your nose.

Not Going Down On Her

You simply aren’t a man if you don’t go down on your lady. The majority of female-orgasms are orally induced, and for chicks, unforgettable sex includes great oral skills. Skipping oral is like playing basketball against Blake Griffin in your socks, you don’t stand a chance.

Solution: Go down on her, pussy.

Rushing Through Foreplay

Sex is like an epic movie, it’s at its best when you have the proper build up of tension leading to a climatic explosion. By skipping foreplay, you limit your chance of creating an Oscar worthy performance. The more and better the foreplay, the greater the chance she will come. Simple.

Solution: Slow the fuck down. She isn’t going anywhere and it’ll guarantee you get yours. You should spend at least 10 minutes in foreplay, teasing and building her up. She’ll be soaked in anticipation.

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