24 November, 2010

9 Sex 'Rules' to Break Tonight

First, nine commonly swallowed sexual misconceptions, and the truth, which shall set your sex life free. Oh, and since we all know there can be too much of a good thing (think: Matthew McConaughey, shirtless), we recommend you not trot them all out tonight, lest your regular bedfellow suddenly wonder whom he brought home. Of course - and this should go without saying - safety first, ladies. The worst sex is the type that ends with you going, "Oh no, what if...?"

9. You Definitely Shouldn't Fantasize About Someone Else

Whether your tastes run more toward David Beckham or Zach Galifianakis, there's no good reason you should try to control where your fantasies go. In fact, we've got it on the record that women love to off-road in their heads. "In my experience, women fantasize way more than men do," says Ian Kerner, PhD and editor-in-chief of Good in Bed. "Men tend to only fantasize if they're bored and want to keep themselves aroused. Women are often very engaged by the sex they're having and fantasize anyway - it's a great way to mentally deactivate."

Doing so doesn't mean "something is wrong" with your relationship. In general, says Ian, "Fantasies are just that - fantasy, not reality. They're also inherently taboo. If they weren't, they wouldn't have nearly the same agency over us." Translation: Get as raunchy as you want to within the four walls of your mind. And, really, who's gonna know?

8. Toys Will Scare Him
Fact: Men like gadgets. Fact: Only 30 percent of women orgasm from intercourse alone. New fact: Designers just created the WeVibe, the first-ever sex toy that can be used during intercourse, to stimulate both you and him. Truth: All you have to lose is battery power.

7. Men Really Don't Like "Going There"
Did we mention that Ian Kerner also wrote a book called "She Comes First"? That's right, an entire book devoted to teaching men how to pleasure you. Here's what he found out, in the process, about how guys feel about going down: "In my experience, 90 percent of discomfort around oral sex comes from women who are afraid they don't taste or smell good, or are afraid they're taking too long. Women need to know that guys love doing this, and it allows them to relax and enjoy in a way they often can't during sex." In other words, ladies, get out of your own way -- and his. Read on >>

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