05 March, 2010

Sex Magic for March 2010

The Vernal Equinox marks the balance of light and dark in our lives and the return to brighter and longer days ahead. It is the foundation for so many holidays around it:
Passover, Easter, and Ostara to name just a few. In ancient times, it was considered the day when the Goddess was reunited with her consort after months of death and darkness; a time their lives together would begin again.
Take advantage of this energy and put aside your differences to grow together and do things you both enjoy. The overall energy for everyone this month is marked by the Empress card.
Get out there and be creative, sexy and fertile. Wear something a little naughty under those daily clothes and get the juices flowing again. You will be bursting with energy before you know it!


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Bubbha said...

It is that Dionysian season in which to remove winter's garb and dance naked into erotic transcendence with your lovers and the whole web of existence.