08 March, 2010


Dan had other ideas. His hand was making steady progress into my blanket cocoon.

I tried a teasing approach. "C'mon, let's just cuddle," I said, pushing his hand away.

He gave me that look. And pushed it right back.

"Sure, we'll cuddle," he said. "The tip of my dick will cuddle with the back of your throat."

That worked: As I laughed, I felt a twinge of interest grow inside me.

Not very many minutes later, his dick was cuddling with the back of my throat, and the interest had grown considerably. As I focused on relaxing, on sucking him in deeper and deeper, I slowly ground my cunt against his shin. I let my saliva flow freely, transforming my tongue into a penis slip-n-slide. He moaned, low, burying his hand in my hair. With one hand on his thigh, I used the other to worry the skin at the base of his cock, moving it up to meet my descending mouth. On every pass, I twisted my tongue over his swollen head. He bucked his hips up toward my face. I could tell he was aching, though nowhere near coming.

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