16 January, 2010

Women Can Smell When a Guy Is Turned On

Looking for love? Follow your nose! It turns out women may be able to detect whether or not a man is attracted to them just by the smell wafting from his pits.

According to research led by Dr. Denise Chen at Rice University, women could tell the difference between sweat collected from a guy who was watching educational videos, and that from a guy who was watching porn.

Although the women in the study did not realize that they were responding to the porn sweat, sensors that were monitoring their brain patterns could tell because different regions of the brain were lighting up, suggesting that subconsciously we can all tell the difference between a dude who smells and a dude who smells like he wants us.

So the next time you're at a bar and you find yourself for some reason feeling certain that a dude is attracted to you, maybe it's not the margaritas talking -- maybe it's the guy's armpits. [source]

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