29 August, 2009

A Hot Summer's Night Dream

Laying down across your bed wishing you’d cave and get an a/c, I have an epiphany. You like it hot and sweaty, sticky and musky so that as soon as I enter your room I have to take off all my clothes. You love the fact that I crawl across your bed on my hands and knees begging for you to turn the fan on. I know you’ll give in because you like to see the tiny beads of sweat disappear knowing you’re going to bring them back again. Sometimes it starts off with a foot rub, other times it’s a kiss on the small of my back But today I can tell you’re in a fun mood, maybe it’ll be handcuffs or a blindfold. Better yet you just grab my hair and tell me not to like it and if so much as a moan esacpes my lips I’ll pay for it by riding the line between pleasure and pain.

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