15 June, 2009

A Sweet and Dirty Love Fuck Story

Our night is long, and full. We prolong cumming until morning. Not really caring, no urgent sense of release. We bring each other to the brink, then back off. I ask if you want to watch some porn, eagerly you set up some girl on girl action, from the glowing screen we hear the exaggerated groaning, the sounds of pussy being devoured. Your eyes glued to the glimmer of plastic beautiful ass. As I work your cock, I stroke my own pussy and am stunned by the sound that fills the air. I ask “do hear how wet I am?” You nod with lift of your brow. It’s like ocean waves splashing over the folds of skin--like those giant rock formations protruding out of the water the closer you get to land--the water encompassing, then violently breaking over each mass. The deeper I become involved into your cock, the deeper my fingers plunge into my cunt, and the passionate waves of wet, drip between my finger, I am so soaked, that I am sure I am flowing onto the floor...

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