17 June, 2009

6 Reasons Younger Guys Are So Darn Appealing

1. Younger guys make you feel more in charge.
When I'm dating someone who's older, I let him call a lot of the shots. Going to his bar with his friends and then going back and watching his favorite TV show (the Military Channel? really?) at four in the morning when I'm dog-tired—yeah, I can be a wuss. But when I'm with a younger mate, I take on more of the pants-wearing duties. Maybe I have some weird with-age-comes-authority thing, but it's probably also because...

2. They try a lot harder.
When you're out on a date (or doing private stuff, wink wink), a younger guy is more out to impress than an older one who feels like he's already proved himself in the past. And since we're more apt to expect less from a younger guy, every little thing he does seems above-and-beyond.

3. They really, really like that you're older.
Maybe he had some high school fantasy about fooling around with a teacher or he digs the whole Ashton and Demi thing, but you're automatically considered more of a challenge, more mysterious—and all you had to do was be born before him.

4. They don't take themselves too seriously.
Of course you're expected to be more mature as you age, but some men interpret this to mean you can no longer be goofy and laugh at yourself. But younger guys? They're not above wearing spandex shorts and eighties sweatbands on Halloween.

5. One word...abs
Yes, it's shallow, but what woman hasn't been on the beach with a bunch of college coeds and thought about running her hands along a washboard? You're even thinking about it now, aren't you? Good.

6. And finally—because men date younger women all the time.
I mean, aren't you a teensy bit curious to see what all the fuss is about?


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