06 March, 2009

Toys that save your sex life

THIS strange looking gadget might look like something you’d find in a dodgy sex shop.

But devices like this are actually recommended by medics to tone a woman’s pelvic floor.

Used regularly they can tighten up internal muscles which will have a sensational effect on your sex life.

Women who have strong pelvic floor muscles are more likely to have stronger, longer orgasms. And their partners will reap the benefits too because the vaginal muscles will be better able to grip.

If you’re young, fit, slim and haven’t had children then your pelvic floor is probably in pretty good shape.

But being overweight and giving birth are known to slacken the pelvic floor.

Age also has an impact because muscles relax as oestrogen levels decline, which explains why many women run into problems when they hit the menopause. Read more >>

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