06 March, 2009

Bed Of Roses

Some may say that life is not a bed of roses but here on Hegre-Art we would say it very definitely is! And why? Well this week you get to wake up in bed with members' favorite Ira. And from the minute she opens her eyes and stretches out her perfectly petite body it is clear to us all that Ira is in the mood for some sexy, playful fun! Enjoying the pleasurable sensations of her own naked body we can only imagine what Ira is daydreaming about? Whatever it is, it sure looks like a whole lot of fun as she gently caresses herself intimately, creating sexy little undulations of pleasure and joy! Ira is so sensual, so delicious, so achingly sexy - this is one of those films that will just blow you away!


Abe's Heart said...

That is truly delectable.

...and, just goes to show,
its not always what goes on between the sheets that matters.

Roses, to you, dear.

`x~Abe's Heart

badgirl33 said...

thanks hon. Come back soon.