16 March, 2009

How to prevent boring sex

Why does sex wane as a relationship progresses?
Em & Lo: We're lazy. We like variety, and we start to take each other for granted.

So how can I break these bad habits?
Em & Lo: Boring, same-every-day sex is the first step toward having no sex at all. And who wants that?! As far as laziness goes, it's kind of like going to the gym: Once you're in the habit of being more creative in bed, it'll start to come more naturally, but if you let yourself get into a same-position-every-time rut, it's kind of like skipping the gym for a month -- it's much harder to break out of the bad habit.

As for variety, there are so many things you can do to bring variety into your sex life without cheating on your partner -- toys, role playing, getting a bit kinky, sharing fantasies, to name just a few.

And as far as taking each other for granted -- why not keep a gratitude diary and each week, write down five things that you appreciate about your partner. And make sure that at least one of them is X-rated!

For me, it seems like the longer I'm with my boyfriend, the more I'm turning into a horny teenage boy. What's with that?
Em & Lo: For many women, the longer she's in a relationship, the more she'll want sex -- sometimes to the point of complaining about not getting enough sex herself.

Often, women start to crave sex more and more as they get to know their partner better and feel more comfortable around him -- and he starts to get to know his way around her body more. Read more >>

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