16 March, 2009

The fantasy sex lives of men and women

Ever since Neanderthal man first spotted his buddy's girlfriend reclining on a mastodon fur, fantasy has been a rich part of humankind's sex life.

But it wasn't until government funding came along that sexologists began undertaking "scientific" (i.e. handing out questionnaires to college students) research into what part, and to what extent, fantasy plays a part in our sexuality.

Groundbreakers like Masters and Johnson, Alfred Kinsey, Shere Hite and Nancy Friday have made exciting discoveries such as: men and women fantasize about having sex. A lot. Sometimes when they masturbate.

There have been other findings, however. Such as, women's fantasies are more likely to involve their partners, whereas men's often have to do with Jenna Jameson's car breaking down at the side of the road.

This article presents some semi-scientific research into just what are the top fantasies of both sexes, whether and how they differ and what, if anything, all this means. Our sources, sadly, weren't thousands of willing and able-bodied coeds but available studies (scroll down to bottom for a complete list) -- along with memories of our own troubled adolescence, the wellspring that never runs dry.

Top Male Sex Fantasies

It's safe to say, since guys spend most of their time trying to figure out how to get sex, and then avoiding the phone afterwards, that a lot of their fantasies are about power. In other words, some of their favorite reveries reflect the desire to skip the perennial smile-and-wink, followed by dinner-and-a-movie, and get straight to the action.

10. Domination/submission. Bondage and sex slave fantasies are popular scenarios. However, since most guys are too lazy to learn how to tie a proper knot, there's little need to worry about coming home to find ropes tied to the bedposts.Read on >>

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