12 February, 2009

What Kind of Orgasm Are You Having?

Whether promoting a fad, pushing a sexual lifestyle, or selling a product, someone is making the claim that there's an orgasm you haven't had — and one you need to have.

Take, for example, the "stock market orgasm," which re-packages sexual techniques like erotic talk and body massage for the supposed seven peaks and dips of sexual excitement and sensuality. It’s clever, but not a unique physiological, emotional, or spiritual climax in and of itself.

Making matters all the more perplexing is that academics and lay people alike are using one term for many types of reactions or forms of stimulation, for example, “vaginal orgasm.” They’re seemingly making up new terms, like the “tantric transformation orgasm,” to capture centuries-old experiences and sexual responses.

So with so many supposed orgasms out there, which ones are legitimate? Which ones can people truly realize as unique orgasmic experiences?


Also referred to as an “extragenital” orgasm, such peaking happens without any genital contact and almost always to women. In some cases, sexual fantasy can trigger spontaneous orgasm. In other cases, a woman may unexpectedly experience this when going about her daily tasks.

Some women are able to experience an extragenital orgasm while using imagery alone to reach climax. Research conducted in 1992 found that women who experience imagery-induced orgasms experience the same “physiological and perceptual events,” like increased heart rate and blood pressure, that are experienced during sex. Read more >>

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