12 February, 2009

Having an Orgasm could boost your career

Women who orgasm regularly are healthier, can think more clearly and are more likely to be successful at work, according to The UK’s first Orgasm Coach Dr Lisa Turner.

“Orgasms are the ultimate luxury, although many women see them as totally unnecessary,” says Dr Turner, who claims that orgasms are the most fundamental way for women to raise their energy, increase their health and concentration and perform better at work. But with reports claiming that over 50% of the female population cannot achieve orgasm, Dr Turner warns that women could even be doing damage to their bodies and their careers by not ‘letting go’.

“When a women can’t achieve orgasm, it is a significant energy drain for her. Women who cannot orgasm usually don’t love themselves enough, are afraid to let go, or afraid to be vulnerable and many are underperforming at work or in business as a result of these underlying issues. My job is to help them overcome the emotional problems so they can love themselves, become free from inhibitions and just relax”, says Dr Turner, who runs training and coaching sessions for women wanting to increase their energy and charisma by having better orgasms. Read on >>

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