16 February, 2009

What irritates partners most

Research undertaken by 1001, the carpet and upholstery cleaning experts, has revealed what really irritates the ladies about the opposite sex, and drunken behaviour and personal hygiene are top of the flops.

So guys if you’ve ever wondered how women’s minds work or what really annoys them look no further. According to 1001 the biggest turn offs for women are:

1. Getting drunk and believing you are more attractive than you are
2. Sweat patches
3. Arrogance
4. Inappropriate attire – i.e. socks and sandals and Hawaiian shirts on holiday
5. Looking scruffy when out and about – tracksuit bottoms are a no
6. Not doing your fair share of housework
7. Trousers that are too tight
8. Not being a gentleman and opening doors
9. Wearing a bum bag (!)
10. Y Fronts

The research reveals that ditching the drink, slapping on deodorant and minding your manners may help men in their love conquests. But for any men opting for a romantic night in on the 14th February, the research revealed, that the way to your woman’s heart could well be through housework! Read more >>

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