16 February, 2009

Too tired for sex

Consumer Reports Health Poll: 80% Of Sexually Active Americans Put off Sex because they’re Too Sick or Tired

YONKERS, NY —More than eight out of ten sexually active adults have put off having sex in the past year. Their reasons? Eighty percent say they’re too sick or too tired for sex. And forty percent say they’re just plain “not in the mood.” Other top reasons include taking care of children and pets (30%) and working (29%). Those are some of the findings of a new Consumer health poll. Of Americans who are sexually active, 78% say the economic crisis hasn’t had an affect on the amount of time they spend in the bedroom.

The nationally representative poll, which included 1,000 U.S. residents, was conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. Here are some of the key findings, plus tips for sleepy Americans.Of those who said they were sexually active, turns out a little planning goes a long way. Forty-five percent told Consumer Reports they’ve planned a time to have sex with their partner. And seven percent of this group used an electronic calendar, PDA, or smart phone to do so. Twenty percent of this group also said they missed work to keep an appointment for sex. Thirteen percent said they missed out on time with the kids and nine percent cancelled a doctor’s appointment. Asked about Valentines Day, 47% of Americans said President Obama should stay focused on national priorities, such as the economic crisis gripping the nation, while 45% said he should reserve time to be with the First Lady. Read on >>

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