28 January, 2009


I want you close. We’ve played this scene before and I’ve replayed it, reviewed it, and revisited the intense intimacy it created. Now tonight we’ll play it again because I want you close.

I sit on the bed, propped comfortably against soft pillows; legs stretched out in front, cock eager and hard but contained, straining against the fabric of my boxers. Within reach I have everything I could possibly need, toys, chains, and always you. Almost naked, face down and stretched out, exhibited as you lie over my lap. Your sweet soft flesh interrupted by flimsy black, the straps of your bra, your sheer knickers, insignificant items of clothing made enticing only by their contact with your skin. Already I’ve wrapped your ankles, wrists and throat with soft harsh leather, your authentic evening wear and my favourite outfit. I’m profoundly aware of the softness of your skin where it meets mine.

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