29 November, 2008

Sexual Healing

The Golden Girls were chronic masturbators.

All right, maybe there’s no definitive evidence, but it’s certainly plausible. Masturbation is a healthy practice, with countless benefits like stress reduction and skin rejuvenation — but female masturbation is still a hush-hush topic.

Ph.D. sexologist Betty Dodson said that the taboo nature of female masturbation, and its awkwardness, goes hand-in-hand with sexism. From holding New York City’s first erotic art exhibition in 1968 to 23 years of Bodysex groups — where women learn about orgasms and how to see their genitals as beautiful — Dodson has been a pioneer in the sex-positive feminist movement for the past 40 years.

“Due to sexual repression and the double standard, women are supposed to be fulfilled by intercourse alone,” Dodson said.

Like Dodson, modern sex activists are adopting a feminist stance in the current sexual revolution: encouraging women to empower themselves through masturbation. Read on >>

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