29 November, 2008


I’m no doll. I don’t break easily. Rip my cloths off my body. Leave me naked and prone. Begging you to stop. Pleading for you to keep going. I want to feel your hands all over me. Touching and twisting and claiming and grasping. I want to struggle against you. I want to feel how hard you are through your jeans. I want to make you harder. Insane with desire for me. For my willing, fighting body. I want your cock, forced into my mouth. Gagging and sputtering to keep from choking. I want you forcing it on me. Telling me that I like it. That I like your fat cock filling my mouth. Almost as much as I like it filling my tight pussy. I can’t push you away. My hands are still cuffed. The metal is digging into my wrists.

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Kevin Lomax said...

Owww, I repeat my comment of the post before: can I take his place? ;-)