20 September, 2008

Mr Unavailable & the Fallback Girl

Understand why our attraction to emotionally unavailable men is tied up in the negative things that we believe about ourselves, love, and relationships. We tend to choose men that reflect these negatives.

Learn about yourself, the Fallback Girl; that woman that Mr Unavailable relies on to massage his ego and cater to his needs whilst managing down her expectations and contributing little or nothing into the relationship. Meet the Yo-Yo Girl, the Other Woman, the Flogger, the Renovator and Florence Nightingale, the Over-Givers, and Miss Independent/Miss Self-Sufficient.

Discover the most common relationship situations such as him being attached, seperated, long distance or hooked on his ex, that are the hallmark of the emotionally unavailable man and learn to recognise key signs that you’re with him.

Find out exactly what is making Mr Unavailable tick from blowing hot and cold, to using you for sex, and refusing to recognise his poor behaviour, and learn why issues such as poor emotional schooling and an over inflated ego will be keeping him the way he is. Discover exactly how he manages down your expectations and even manipulates you into doing exactly what he wants.

Find out how you tie in with emotionally unavailable men by allowing them to turn the tables around you causing you to become ‘the pursuer’ and refusing to listen because you’re like a ‘disgruntled customer’, plus many more behaviours that are in sync with all of his behaviours.

Learn what your motivations are for being in relationships with Mr Unavailable and find out how to break your pattern by choosing you and seeing actions for exactly what they are.

Most importantly, you’ll learn that it’s not about you per se, and that these issues were there long before you came on the scene, they are there now, and they’ll be there long after you’re gone.

This is about taking control of yourself and your relationship choices so that you can learn to stop deriving your value from the relationships that you have with these men and get happy.

Recommmended by Loving Annie


The English Courtesan said...

Wooh - you frightened me there, Bad Girl 33! Must book self in for some psychoanalysis...or maybe not... ;-)

Slightly pink,

Livvy xxx

badgirl33 said...

yeah sometimes it's better we don't know what's lurking deep inside us ;)

Loving Annie said...

The book and the blog that goes with it haved literally saved my life. I'll never make the mistakes I have in my past after reading this. Best thing invented since the light bulb, this 'Baggage Reclaim UK ' site.

Thank you for putting this here, Badgirl. The more people that know about it, the more chance someone else gets halped in a truly meaningful way.