01 August, 2008

Pregnant sex dreams

It’s not often you hear the words pregnancy and sexuality used in the same sentence. It’s generally assumed that pregnant women are preoccupied with nothing more than which colour to paint the nursery or what to name their future bundle of joy. Their days are spent nesting, a biological instinct that causes mothers-to-be to feverishly prepare for the new arrival by cleaning the house, cooking up a storm or neatly folding the delicate baby clothes in the nursery.

There is however, another side to pregnant women that rarely gets discussed in open circles. Even among pregnant women themselves, the topic is seen as slightly taboo.

Call it ‘pregnancy porn’ or even a watered down ‘erotica for the expectant’ but many knocked up women are experiencing hot sexual dreams the minute their heads hit the pillow.

For Susan (not her real name), the erotic dreams started late into her second trimester and involved some celebrities but mostly random strangers. She still remembers one of the most vivid dreams that included a wild romp with rapper 50 Cent. “We were in a tropical location surrounded by nothing but bright blue waters,” says the 23-year-old mom. “I would wake up feeling guilty because I was pregnant and thinking about all these things. I felt gross!”

While the dreams may seem scandalous, pregnant women can rest assured that having them doesn’t mean they’re turning into permanent sex maniacs. There are several explanations for why they’re having these types of fantasies. Read on >>

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