04 August, 2008

Hot Hotel Bang

His kiss was hot and needy when his lips met mine, his hands soft yet barely controlled as he slid them around my soapy waist, cradling me.

He ducked himself under the shower's cascade while I soaped his chest, my mind fuzzy in my tipsy state. I grabbed my bottle of baby oil on a whim and squirted his more manly appendage before letting my hand wander there as well. This pushed him into a very, how shall I say this? Uncontrollable state.

With his body he pushed me into the corner of the shower, my back meeting the chilled marble as his mouth was a fire on mine. I moaned into our kiss as his hand went south and shocked me with its insistence. My voice was breathy as I spoke,

"Let me turn around for you babe."

And placing my hands in front of me while bending over, he got the message and filled me completely. The heat of the water pouring down his chest and over my ass combined with the heat of him moving so earnestly drove me nearly to tears, all the while his voice soft and insistent behind me..

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