09 July, 2008

How to take hot photos

Pose Like a Star!
When taking the picture push your chin towards the camera. Moving your face forward helps the face frame better on the body, without the skin from your neck giving the appearance of a double chin or fatter face than you actually have. Have good exaggerated posture when you are sitting or standing in a pose. Chest up, shoulders straight, and suck in. Taking a good deep breath during the picture will help you do this. No matter what kind of shape you are in, you will be surprised how much sexier you look in a photo where you are doing these things. Remember your Mom has told you many times... "No one likes a slouch!" Try practicing in the mirror. Also, if you think you are carrying a few extra pounds, never take the photo from below looking upwards. Instead, try and get the camera slightly above the subject looking down towards them. This little trick can produce much more flattering photos.

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