06 June, 2008

The Retrosexual Man

Well, it was bound to happen. Neatly groomed faces, color-coordinated outfits and a sincere interest in yoga had their heydays as emblems of the metrosexual. Now, it seems, the scruffy, rough and tumble, “I-care-more-about-diesel-fuel-than-Diesel-Jeans” man is back, kicking his manicured incarnation to the curb.

We started seeing it on the faces of our male friends, husbands and boyfriends this past winter, when nary a clean-shaven chin was to be found. Well-fitted pants have started to sag—as straight men embrace the “just out of bed” look on a literal level.

Once, men were simply men. But then feminists decided they were chauvinist pigs who didn't spend enough time doing the dishes. So along came the guilt-ridden New Man, swiftly followed by sensitive, moisturising Metrosexual Man. Of course, women soon missed the whiff of testosterone and were calling for the return of Real Men. Now a new book, The Retrosexual Manual: How To Be A Real Man, has been published. David Thomas tip-toes through the unashamedly macho details. . . read on >>

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