06 June, 2008


His magnificent cock is a good reason to consider myself one of the luckiest of my sex. Well, that and it is attached to one of the dirtiest men I’m sure I will ever know. I smile broadly as I watch his hand glide over the length of his shaft. My body still pulsing with pleasure from my first climax, the sight before me only intensifies my ache, my need for more. He holds my black panties in his other hand and runs the soft fabric over his balls slowly.

“Touch yourself.”

My hands obediently move; my left fingers sliding into my mouth and over my breast, my damp digits pinching lightly at my nipple. My right travels over my belly and into the wetness between my legs. I watch him run the cotton over his hard cock repeatedly, his thickness twitching with each stroke. Lust shines brightly in his eyes as he watches my movements of self indulgence. I moan as my fingers slip past my clitoris.

“Taste your pussy.”

I bring my fingers to my lips and suck on them. I love the taste of cunt, even my own. I can’t help but groan with satisfaction. He grabs me roughly and kisses me, his tongue pushing into my mouth. He is always greedy with me, but my latest absence has made him hungry, insatiable.

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