06 March, 2008

Want To Get Laid? Read A Person’s Face

If you wanna get laid – and who doesn’t – take a closer look at a person’s face.

A prominent chin is a sign that someone is very sexually physical and aggressive. Full lips mean they’re extraordinarily affectionate. Meanwhile, a pulled-back nose says a person is more cautious, and thin lips indicate they’re reclusive and cold.

Ava Devine's large, luscious lips indicate she's very affectionate and her chin size indicates she likes to touch and be touched.
In other words, if you want to get laid, call Jay Leno or Steven Tyler; if you don’t, call Michael Jackson (unless you’re under age 14).

But wait a second. Before you go off looking for Leno … or Celine Dion, listen to the advice of Bill Cordingley, a face reader and author of a face reading book called “In Your Face” (New Horizons).

Cordingley, a Harvard graduate, began studying face reading in 1972 under a noted face reader named Mazury O’Connell, and presently conducts workshops in San Francisco.

“You want to look for someone with facial features similar to yours,” Cordingley says. “Your needs and motivations will be the same. If you go for someone with different features, you’ll have a hard time relating to that person.”

So, if you look like Leno, go for Leno. If you look like Michael Jackson … erm, go for Cub Scouts, or something like that. You get the idea.

Speaking of Jackson, Cordingley adds a further wrinkle: If someone has had extensive plastic surgery, their face becomes essentially unreadable. That means, nose or no nose, the face won’t give any clues about their sexual proclivities. Read on >>

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