06 March, 2008

Sexy Things to Do With Clothes

Typically, you think of clothes as an obstacle to sex. Well, you’re about to learn how they can play a much more exciting role. And we’re not talking about dressing up like a cheerleader to act out a guy’s fantasy (though that would be fine too).

Leaving on an article or two of clothing can create a delicious sense of urgency and provide a visual thrill.

So before you strip down, check out these tips for getting your wardrobe in on the lusty action.

1. Give him a long look at you in a bra, panties, and tall boots. The vixenish-sweet combo majorly turns on men.
2. Blindfold him with his tie. Blocking his sight heightens his other senses, and not knowing what your next move is will drive him insane (in a good way).
3. While wearing a slinky, silky camisole, climb on top of him and then slide your body all over his naked skin.
4. Unzip his pants, but don’t pull them off. Instead, insert your hand, gently take his member out of the opening in his boxers, and treat him to some amazing oral action. Trust us, it’ll give him a rush to have only this one sexy part exposed.
5. Fling open a front-clo­sure bra right before cli­max. Setting your breasts free at this pivotal point will send him tumbling over the edge.
6. Whip off his belt, fold it in half, and give his butt a few playful whacks.
7. Gently bind his ankles together using your bra. When you restrict his move­ment, you get to be in control and he feels the thrill of being dominated by you.


Greenwoman said...

Nice post! *smiles*

badgirl33 said...

hope it inspired you ;)