13 March, 2008

Sex is only the 10th most popular bedtime activity

Having sex is only the 10th most popular bedtime activity, a survey has revealed.

In fact, we spend more time in bed reading, talking on the phone and playing computer games than making love - despite spending 24 years of our lives between the sheets.

The Scots fare best, claiming to manage almost 45 minutes of sex a week while people in the South West manage less than half an hour.

Most of our time in bed is spent asleep - 7.5 hours a night for most of us, adding up to 18 years and 10 months over a lifetime.

The second most popular bedtime activity, chatting with your partner, takes 27 minutes a day.

Chris Gooding of bedroom specialist Sharps, which polled 2,000 people, said: "The results show we do far more in bed than sleep - some even work."

Top 10 in mins per week: 1 Sleep (3,150), 2, Talking (193), 3 TV (132), 4 Net surfing (122), 5 Reading (114), 6 Listening to music (105), 7 Using phone (81), 8 Work (77), 9 Computer games (57), 10 Sex (35). [via]

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