12 March, 2008

Do blondes really have more fun?

I have been a redhead, a brunette and a blonde. The red and the brunette came naturally, but my six months spent as a blonde was due to a series of unfortunate accidents at a salon in Florida where the words "just a few auburn highlights, please" was inadvertently translated into "make me look like Anna Nicole" thanks to some glitch in the local dialect.

I never wanted to be a blonde. Everyone in Florida is some variation of blonde, and I like to stand out. Plus, I quickly grew tired of people talking to me as though my IQ had dropped 30 points at the shampoo sink.

I know a lot of smart blondes. But I never would have imagined that in 2008, in an age of blonde, female CEOs, politicians and doctors, that the color of your hair could affect how people perceive you. Boy, was I in for a shock.

There's a new survey out from hair products company Sunsilk and website Askmen.com claiming to "get to the root of the age-old debate".

Have men's views on blondes and brunettes changed since the days of Marilyn Monroe? Or are we all still stuck in some sort of foil-wrapped time warp? Here's what more than 4,000 men ages 18-34 said about blondes and brunettes:

One night stand

"More men are having one night stands with brunettes (59 per cent) than blondes (41 per cent) and more men would make a move on a brunette in a bar if he were given a choice between the two," according to the survey. As one dater, Nick, says, "There are more brunettes in a bar. You have better odds."

Shrimp-to-Sex ROI

According to the survey, "more than 65 per cent of men would rather spend their money on a romantic dinner for a brunette than a blonde". Why? Well, 63 per cent claimed they have a better ROI or "return on their investment" with a brunette.

Brunette brides

According to the survey, "more than 87 per cent of men said they have more intelligent conversations with brunettes than blondes, and nearly 75 per cent plan to marry a brunette, if they haven't already. Almost 80 per cent of men would prefer to bring a brunette home to meet mom". Read the full article >>

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