07 March, 2008

Chocolate Relations

Sex is great, but what happens when flames die down? Can it ever be fun again?

Keeping your sex life exciting isn't easy.

* Talking dirty? That was fun for a while.
* Kama Sutra? Tried it, but seems like a lot of work.
* Role playing? Uh yeah, that didn't go so well.
* Chocolate syrup? Wow...now that was messy!

So what to do?

Sex on the brain

The most powerful sex organ is between your ears. Without your brain you wouldn't be able to fantasize about people you find sexy, right? Have you ever heard a woman ask for more foreplay? Nine times out of 10 they are really asking you to stimulate their mind so they feel sexy. Men feel like superheroes when women find them sexy. How can both parties quickly get what they want?

The Secret To Being Sexy

Countless scientific studies have shown that "sense of humor" is the one of the most powerful attractors for both men and women. We love being around people that make us laugh because it helps us relax. Laughter reduces stress, releasing natural pain killer hormones called endorphins. When we relax we become more receptive to wishes of others. One French neurologist even stated that one minute of non-stop laughter is worth 45 minutes of deep relaxation. Ah, a shortcut to total relaxation…sounds good, doesn't it? So let's take it to the next level.

How is this food legal?

The Aztec's would drink massive amounts of chocolate because to them it was an aphrodisiac. Today we know this isn't true. Although, if it's not, why do people (especially women) crave it so much? Chocolate contains small amounts of two very powerful brain stimulants. One chemical is called anandamide which causes a feeling of well-being in the brain. The second more interesting chemical is called phenylethylamine. This same chemical is used by the brain to release the pleasure hormone dopamine during orgasm. Read more >>

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