07 March, 2008

Big Bad Wolf

“When I saw you standing among the redwoods in your sexy red dress I couldn’t help but think of Little Red Riding Hood wandering innocently through the forest while the Big Bad Wolf watched from behind the tree trunks.”

I watched while he kissed my breasts, pulling my nipples with his lips through the fabric of my dress. I had my hands tangled in his luxurious, thick silver hair feeling him move against me.

“And I didn’t realize when I accepted your offer of an escort that you were the Big Bad Wolf.”

He had slid down my body and was kneeling in front of me pressing his face against the front of my dress and growling in a most delicious way. His hands had found their way under the hem of my dress and were softly caressing my thighs. I heard him make a small sound in the back of his throat when his hands found the skin of my ass left bare by my red satin g-string panties...

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