01 February, 2008

Is casual sex OK for women?

For many people, both women and men, sex signals at least the potential for emotional involvement. So you need to emphasize that you don’t want any of this. If these men are on the same page — or even are relieved they get to sleep with you, no strings attached — that’s fine.

Otherwise, these men might assume there is a potential future. So you need to inform them that you are not seeking a future at all, but merely having fun playing the field — and that you consider sex with them enjoyable, but by no means a prelude to a relationship.

I advocate full disclosure.

This holds for men and women both. Though there might be plenty of people who would be glad to be offered no-strings sex, there are many others who want something more lasting. There is no way to know ahead of time whether someone will or won’t develop feelings. You don’t want to lead somebody on, so you must make it perfectly clear that you are not interested in a permanent relationship.

Some people aren’t able to have sex without some emotional attachment. You might, for example, find that casual sex is empty and unsatisfying, and you might as well masturbate. There is certainly nothing wrong with that when it comes to satisfying sexual needs.

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