01 February, 2008

Dopplegang A Man's Wang

These days, sheep aren't the only thing getting cloned.

Making a rubber replica of a penis is a two-person job according to the folks at cloneawilly.com.

Empire Labs, Inc. is multiplying members with their product called Clone-A-Willy, a do-it-yourself molding kit that makes an exact, vibrating rubber replica of a penis.

According to company spokesperson Misty Ray, creating a perfect penis takes sexy preparation.

"Men can't make it on their own," she said. "They can't get themselves erect and make the mold. Women have to participate. Loosening up with a glass of wine, working his penis, and making sure to read the directions carefully helps."

Ray says women are jumping on the penis duplicator, but getting men to participate takes some coaxing.

"You have to say, `But honey, it's you. Would you rather I use a dildo that's a replica of someone else's penis?'" via

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