11 February, 2008

Find your perfect partner online

Internet dating is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, a survey from online matchmaking service Parship shows.

According to Parship, there's now a 50:50 chance that any single person you know is using the net to find love.

In 2007, 7.8 million single Britons used some form of online dating service to find romance, compared to the 5.4 million who used a mixture of offline and online services in 2005.

If many British singles still prefer the more casual approach, with over one third (39 per cent) ready to sit back and wait for that special person to come along by chance, internet dating is now far more than a niche activity.

In the last 12 months, 52 per cent of British men and 48 per cent of women have used the internet to find a date, compared to 2005 figures of 36 per cent for men and 34 per cent for women.

What's more, 53 per cent of singles (59 per cent of men and 46 per cent of women) say they intend to use the net to meet someone in the future, with figures rising to 65 per cent for 36 to 40 year olds who say they intend to log on to find love in 2008.

Nearly one third of singles (29 per cent) believe it's a great way of finding love (as opposed to a casual fling), and nearly two thirds of singles (57 per cent) say it's socially acceptable, even if 25 per cent of people in a relationship would beg to differ. Read on >>

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