23 January, 2008

Small dicks make men sad

Small organ syndrome bothers women less than men

BELIEVE it or not but women worry a lot less than men about the size of the male sex organ. In fact, most women couldn’t care less about size of their partner’s sex organ, but show greater interest in their man’s ability to father a child over his sexual prowess. Findings by researchers in the UK show that it is men who often make a big deal about the size of their sex organs. The study also showed that an unusually high number of men, even though are of average size, are still bothered by the “small penis syndrome”.

Writing about their findings in BJU International, the researchers noted that while men often have better sexual confidence if they have a large organ, women interviewed in the studies didn’t necessarily feel that bigger is better; rather, they cited good looks and personality as the main factors that make a man attractive.

The findings - culled from more than 50 international research projects into penile size and small penis syndrome, showed that while 85 per cent of women were satisfied with their partner’s penile size, only 55 per cent of the men were satisfied with their own sizes.


Darío said...

ya, right...

The Cam Lover said...

Hi there,

I can vouch for the study, I am not graced with a good sized penis, in fact I am Mr. Tiny when it comes to the male sex organ. I often get depressed when I think about how "small" I actually am. To make matters worse, I actually am impotent a lot of the time. So much so, that I have had to start taking Viagra to have penetrative sex. It is embarrassing for me. I found a horny perverted woman 2 weekends ago and when we went back to her house, I could not get an erection. I almost started crying.

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The Cam Lover